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Media Release

May 12, 2023

For Immediate Release

Ontario Food Cluster Celebrates Major Investment Milestone with BCFoods Canada Facility Opening

Ontario Food Cluster (OFC) is excited to share the news of a significant investment win, aided by ResearchFDI’s successful lead generation campaign and introduction at the IFT Chicago trade show in July 2022. This collaboration has led to a major investment project with BCFoods, a California-based leading producer of high-quality food ingredients. BCFoods has officially opened its new 102K square feet storage and distribution facility in Watford, ON, Canada.

The opening of BCFoods Canada marks a substantial milestone for both the company and the Ontario Food Cluster. This new facility will provide numerous benefits, including a localized distribution center and support team for Canadian customers, as well as the expansion of their third-party logistics (3PL) business into Canada.

“The establishment of BCFoods Canada is a testament to the strength of Ontario Food Cluster’s ecosystem, and we are excited to see the growth and opportunities it will bring to the region,” said OFC’s Co-Chair, Cara Finn. “This investment underscores the importance of strategic partnerships and collaboration in driving successful economic development in Southern Ontario. We extend our congratulations to the Sarnia-Lambton Economic Development Partnership and are thrilled to welcome BCFoods Canada into their community.”

BCFoods Canada will be a game-changer for the company as it expands its reach and enhances its services for Canadian customers. In the company’s official news release on May 9, 2023, Mike Bray, BCFoods North American President announced “We’re thrilled to be opening this new facility, which represents a major investment in the future of our company. Our goal has always been to delight our customers with the highest quality and service at competitive prices while maintaining a positive work environment for our employees and a commitment towards our sustainability objectives.”

Anticipating substantial growth in the coming years, BCFoods Canada aims to provide Canadian customers with production and storage capabilities similar to those at their Illinois facility, including custom blending, milling, centralized storage, and 3PL services. This expansion will generate new job opportunities in the local community, such as production line workers, operations support staff, and quality control technicians. BCFoods is also dedicated to hiring from the local talent pool and fostering career growth and advancement within the company.

About OFC: Ontario Food Cluster is a collaborative membership organization of like-minded economic development agencies and municipalities dedicated to fostering growth and innovation within Ontario’s food and beverage industry. By leveraging strategic partnerships, OFC aims to create a thriving ecosystem that supports businesses and drives economic development.

About BCFoods: Established in 1978, BCFoods is a leading global food ingredients supplier specializing in dehydrated vegetables, herbs, spices, fruits, FD meats, custom blends, and seasonings. With headquarters in Santa Rosa, CA, and Bolingbrook, IL, BCFoods operates production facilities in China and maintains logistics operations in Europe and India. For over 40 years, BCFoods provided customers with the highest quality shelf-stable ingredients. Utilizing GMP certified manufacturing facilities and a global sales and logistics network, BCFoods ensures efficient access to a wide array of products from a single, reliable source for clients of all sizes.


Contact Information:
Cara A. Finn, BBA, M.Ad.Ed