Canada's food processors relish the taste of success: Ontario comes out on top for food manufacturing sales

Canada's success in food processing was the focus of a Globe and Mail article on July 20th, naming food processing as the number one manufacturing sector in the country – employing more people that both the transportantion and machinery manufacturing sectors. 

At the top of the provincial pack was Ontario, celebrating more sales than the second and third place provinces of Quebec and Alberta, combined. From the article:

"Toronto – now the second-largest food producer in North America after Chicago – has developed a comprehensive food plan. In May, Ontario unveiled a food-cluster strategy that aims to attract global investment and promote Canadian products overseas. This fall, the province will open an institute of food-processing technology that will eventually host 500 full-time students. The Conference Board is working on a national framework for the food industry and the Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute is also working on policy

The full article is here, and well worth a read.

Source: Globe and Mail