Guelph University

Healthier croissants and Danishes, better WOW from smarter drinks and soy-dairy cheese tech on offer from University of Guelph to global agri-businesses

Agri-food companies from 14 countries have spent $24 million over past five years to take advantage of U of G research capability, with Americans and Germans in the lead Whether it’s building a better Danish, expanding the types of ingredients that can be used in the next generation of smart beverages or a new soft-ripened cheese made healthier by soy products, the Ontario Food Cluster is inviting global agri-food firms to set up subsidiaries in Canada’s largest province. As part of Ontario’s 3,200-company, $39 billion agri-food sector, these companies can take advantage of University of Guelph (U of G) research programs that produce partnership and licensing opportunities on innovations like these.